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If you’re not familiar with how a junket press day works, the short story is: the actors sit in a room, and journalists shuffle in and out with their prepared questions. You may remember the scene from Notting Hill when Hugh Grant stumbled upon a junket and posed as a reporter for Horse and Hound magazine, which may help provide a mental picture.

Of course, everyone tries to be creative and stay away from the typical, “So what made you want to do this film,” sort of thing. But, with that said, it can be difficult to stand out.

Enter, mini Belle and mini Beast. These pint-sized journos-in-the-making undeniably caught the attention of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as the actors did the rounds to talk about their new film Beauty and the Beast, which by the way, is capturing hearts worldwide and smashing the box office.

But, let’s stay on track. And how did we find out about this fun interview? Watson herself shared it through her official, yes, it has the check mark, Facebook page. Thanks, Emma! You’re helping us stay in the know.

Watson and Stevens gasped when they saw mini Belle and mini Beast enter the room. The small children brought Watson a rose, a great way to begin the interview, which is also the start of the story of Beauty and the Beast (when Belle’s father takes a rose from the Beast’s garden without asking). The children arrived with their readied questions, and they didn’t even need cue cards, covering a range of topics like, “If you were any other character in the movie, which one would you be?” and “What were you more nervous about, singing or acting?”

The actors answered the questions just like they would with any other interviewers, but sometimes they’d lose focus, wanting to gush over the children.

OK, you’ve been prepared, get ready to have an “awww” moment:

The interview came across as very professional, until the end that is, and we mean that in a good way… the tiny journalists got comfy and joined the actors in their chairs, hopping on their laps for a photo opportunity. The little girl “broke character,” and you could see just what a big moment this was for her.

This definitely gave us the warm fuzzies.

What about you?

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By Brigid Brown