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There’s been talk of a feature-length Downton Abbey movie coming out, with DA creator Julian Fellowes chiming in just six months ago. And this morning (March 20) the gossip mill was working at full speed.

Downton Abbey alum, Jeremy Swift, who took on the role of butler Septimus Spratt, sat down with ITV morning host Lorraine Kelly to talk about his debut music album. Swift has a strong interest in both music and acting, but like many performers, at one point he had to make a choice, deciding which area to pursue fully. He went with acting, ultimately landing him on the unforgettable period drama.

We’re definitely keen to hear more about Swift’s “side hustle,” for lack of a better word… but the conversation took a turn back to the fan favorite TV show (at 3:10), with Swift making a reveal, and the news spread… swiftly (sorry, we had to).

In the below clip, Kelly casually asks Swift whether or not the Downton Abbey film is actually happening. And, to be honest, her jaw drops when hearing his response. Apparently he and other cast members DID receive a script. But then… it disappeared from his email inbox.

Check out his story of the Mission Impossible-esque moment:

Not sure if he’s supposed to be talking about such matters (insert nervous laugh), but he did. And, it’s gotten people’s interest. It may not be an officially-official announcement, but with Downton Abbey being an ITV program and the morning show above, called just Lorraine (it makes us think of Just Jack on Will & Grace), airing on ITV, one would think… all three parties dotted their i’s and crossed the t’s before sitting down for this sit-down.

And, if not, well, we’ll let you know what happens…

And now back to his album. Swift said as he started to write, he felt like it sounded “a bit Ziggy” and “a bit Bowie,” so he decided to write a single about the late David Bowie. He went on to say, he himself might be considered a bit David Brent (Ricky Gervais‘ alter ego from The Office), pursuing a music career in his 50s.

Aw, why not. It’s never too late — don’t quit your daydreams, Jeremy Swift!

And while he’s working hard at his music, he hasn’t given up on his day job. Swift is currently filming Mary Poppins Returns, taking on the role of Gooding.

Are you now daydreaming about Downton Abbey up on the big screen? 

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By Brigid Brown