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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen or heard anything about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. And, here we are, we’re getting a poster AND trailer all in one day for the next installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Not so bad for “Friday, Jr.”

The poster is pretty standard, featuring the return of archnemesises Captain Jack Sparrow, portrayed by Johnny Deppand Captain Hector Barbossa, with Geoffrey Rush reprising the role. And Barbossa’s trusty monkey, of course. It wouldn’t be a Pirates movie without the damsel in distress (Kaya Scodelario) and her presumed love interest (Brenton Thwaites)…. at least by the end of the flick. And, we’re saving the best for last, with the poster we get decrepit looking baddie, none other than Javier Bardem.

Oh, and we can’t leave out the ghost sharks, those are new to the series, too… check out the new poster below:


OK, so what’s not so standard is the trailer. We had to do a double take when watching the preview video, thinking, “Is that Johnny Depp and he time traveled back to his early 20s? Or, is that a Johnny Depp look-alike?” It turns out to be the former, via the magic of movie making and CGI work… but, the latter wouldn’t be too farfetched because there are deffo JD look-alikes out there, like this fella. Bardem also shows up fresh-faced, not looking so dead like in the poster, and, putting it lightly, he’s pissed (and not in the British way).

Like the title says, the dead don’t speak, for the most part, but we’re looking at a prequel here in the form of flashbacks, and Bardem, who takes on the role of Captain Armando Salazar, has a tale to spin. Putting it bluntly, like he does in the below trailer, the Spanish captain does NOT like pirates:

Rage can eat away at one’s soul, but Salazar seems to be sans soul as he lays out the story, with the fury inside of him, triggered by Sparrow, propelling an unstoppable momentum. He has one thing on his mind: revenge.

We’re pretty keen on the fresh take on the formulaic story… if not’s broken, why fix it? But, that’s not to say everyone is on board the pirate ship, so, let’s mosey on over to Twitter to check out some reactions:

The Twittersphere isn’t completely lit up, but people seem to be pretty excited for Jack Sparrow’s return.

Wait a minute, we spoke to soon, there is this little gem, click on translation to get the full scope:

Eh, it happens.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales hits theaters this summer on May 29.

Are you committed to Pirates of the Caribbean FIVE? 

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By Brigid Brown