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We’ve gotten to know the major players of Alien Covenant a bit with casting news and a recent group photo, but it wouldn’t quite be an Alien movie without… said alien. A brand new trailer for Ridley Scott‘s sequel to 2012’s Prometheus hits the quota on aliens, revealing unexpected inhabitants in multiple forms.

Promised an idyllic life, the group of colonists begin their exploration in a recently released clip, but they seem to miss something afoot… what appears to be eggs, alien-like, that is (if not, why did the camera pan down?) at 0:44:

(Photo: YouTube)

They soon run-in to a baby alien during the incubation stage on the deserted Prometheus ship, that looks soon to hatch at 1:23:


And then we get a full-fledged, grown alien… who has made her way on the ship at 2:10:


The crew of the Covenant started off hopeful and filled with gratitude, but the mood soon shifts to fear, for the obvious reasons. Katherine Waterston‘s character Daniels sums it all up, saying, “All of this, to start our new life?”

You can get the full meaning of her words with the below trailer:

It appears the ship’s pilot, Tennessee (Danny McBride), stays on board to keep watch over their transport, while the other crew members (Carmen Ejogo, Billy Crudup, Michael Fassbender) are on the front lines. Over the walkie-talkie he exclaims, “Calm down, sweetheart. Calm down,” in response to a very heightened s.o.s. situation. Those are not words someone wants to hear when coming face-to-face with their mortality.

He soon has his own close encounter with the alien force at 2:19 (now who needs to calm down, Tennessee?).

The Covenant crew doesn’t know what happened to the earlier exploration ship prior to their arrival, but we have an inkling, having seen Prometheus. If you need a quick reminder, here’s a look at the trailer for the former film:

We don’t get a look at James Franco (This is the End) as the captain of the ship or Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) reprising her role as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, but we’re definitely intrigued to see how they enter into the mix of it all.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters this summer on May 19.

Has the alien lived up to your expectations?

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By Brigid Brown