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It’s clear actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski work well together: they did pull off a holiday prank on Jimmy Kimmel by wrapping the late night host’s car in Christmas paper after all. And now they’ll use their talents for good, versus… menace.

Krasinski is set to write the screenplay for the supernatural thriller A Quiet Place, based on an earlier draft, and direct. It turns out Blunt, his wife, wasn’t necessarily the first choice for the female lead. Or, maybe he was just pranking her…

According to a tweet from Justin Kroll, a writer for Variety, Blunt took matters into her own hands:

While the expression, “A happy wife is a happy life,” might be a little outdated, there is some evidence to support the saying.

We don’t blame her: why go looking for an actress, when you live with one?

A Quiet Place revolves around a family living a not-so-peaceful life on a farm, reports But, they’re not alone. It sounds like the family is being taunted by an unwelcome, other-worldly guest.

While the synopsis is brief, we’re quite excited. It’s a little too early to say what roles the two will be playing, for all we know, John could be the ghost. But, we’re leaning toward the two playing a married couple on the farm, with the movie having built-in chemistry. We can definitely see the two of them ghostbusting.

Blunt is currently filming Mary Poppins Returns. Krasinski is signed on to star in the title role of the 2017 TV series Jack Ryan. Filming for A Quiet Place will begin later this year, predicted for the fall.

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel will make a cameo? We wouldn’t put it past the friends to make that happen… 

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By Brigid Brown