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'Doctor Who' (Photo: BBC)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a fine buffet of Time Lord delicacies picked at the absolute cusp of ripeness from the very choicest sections of the internet over the past week.

And this week, fandom is abuzz because Season 10 has a new trailer. And it’s here:

It was trailed itself by this arresting image:

Of course, you can hardly show a shot of Missy’s face without her feeling the need to get involved, which she did:

And Doctor Who: The Fan Show then carefully took the trailer apart, searching for clues:

While Whovians everywhere got very excited indeed:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Doctor Who production team celebrates International Women’s Day:

• Gallifrey’s military wing (pre-regeneration):

• Behind the scenes of “The Pilot”:

• A delightful Doctor Who/Totoro crossover:

Matt Lucas names the Doctors, with plosive results:

• So THAT’S where those two ended up:

• We’ll be seeing more of these fellows very soon:

• Which fellows, you ask? Let the Nerdist explain:

• A graphic history of Cyber-evolution:

• This is lovely, a clip celebrating Susan, the Doctor’s first companion (and granddaughter):

• Anyone else wondering what Wilf’s up to these days?

• Captain Jack talks to Doctor Who: The Fan Show:

• We LOVE super specific Doctor Who cover versions, and this is a doozy. What if electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream had covered the Who theme? GeorgeCMusic has an answer:

• This seems a very fair point:

• A fan-made teaser for the Second Doctor adventure “The Mind Robber:”

• Note: this didn’t really happen:

And finally, let’s end this week with a suitably out-of-this-world adventure. Peter Capaldi reads Nick Walker‘s science fiction adventure The First King of Mars for BBC Radio 4:


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By Fraser McAlpine