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The Girl on the Train star, Emily Blunt, mentioned she had some butterflies at the thought of taking on the iconic role of the magical nanny in Mary Poppins Returns. Any feelings of trepidation were calmed, though, when Blunt heard via the sequel’s director Rob Marshall that Dame Julie Andrews, who made the role so unforgettable in 1964, thought the casting was “wonderful.”

That’s all well and good, but hearsay is hearsay. Now, however, we’re getting confirmation straight from the nanny’s mouth… Julie Andrews sat down with Entertainment Tonight, and told the primetime TV show, “Emily Blunt is going to play Mary Poppins and I am a great fan.”

Oh wow, that’s one Blunt can put in her diary after a long day on-set filming the sequel, set for a 2018 release.

But, the praise didn’t stop there. Andrews went on to say, “I think she is terrific and a perfect pick.”

ET asked Andrews if she’d be making a cameo, with her co-star from the original, Dick Van Dyke, returning for the sequel as Mr. Dawes, Jr., the son of the banker boss from the original film. Andrews said, “I don’t think I’m involved in it.”

We should point out, Andrews’ new children’s show, Julie’s Playroom, just kicked off last week (March 17). So, it’s not like she’s at home waiting for the phone to ring or anything like that.

Other new characters joining the world of Mary Poppins include the balloon lady, portrayed by Angela Lansbury. The role is a nod to the bird lady we first met in the 1964 film. Also, Mary Poppins has a cousin, who will be portrayed by Meryl Streep. And, that’s not all. Broadway star Lin Manuel-Miranda is set to star as the lamplighter, Jack.

As we mentioned in earlier casting news, Whishaw and Mortimer will play the grown-up Banks children, Michael and Jane, who are in need of some magic in their lives. Enter Mary Poppins…

Do you agree with Julie Andrews’ kind words?

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By Brigid Brown