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Last time we checked in on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star Mark Strong he was talking about his chances of playing a villain opposite pal Daniel Craig in a James Bond flick. Before that, we reported on him starring with Colin Firth and Michael Caine in Kingsman: The Secret Service. We’re seeing a pattern… he seems to have his finger on the pulse of all things spy-related.

And now Strong is set to take the lead in the forthcoming eight-part espionage thriller, Deep State, reports Sometimes with casting news we find out an actor is confirmed to star in a new project, but we don’t necessarily know in what capacity. But not this time! We have ALL the deets.

Strong will take on the role of Max Easton, a former spy who’s brought back into the game to avenge the death of his son.

The British actor sounds really psyched to be part of this project, saying, “Every now and again a script comes along that you just can’t put down and Deep State is exactly that.” He sees this as “an unmissable opportunity to return to television.” The last time we saw Strong as a TV regular was when he played Frank Agnew in 2013’s Long Winter Sun, which aired on both AMC and BBC America.

The FOX series will land us in multiple nations, with filming taking place in Great Britain, the United States, Iran, Lebanon and France. It’s not just the story that’s international. Deep State itself is slated to air in over 50 countries worldwide.

The directing duties will be split up between Robert Connolly (The Turning) and co-writer for the series, Matthew Parkhill (Rogue). Conolly will direct the first four hour-long episodes with Parkhill taking over to direct the final four. We’ll be curious to see if there is a noticeable change in tone between the first and second halves of the season.

Filming will begin in May, 2017, with the air-date to come.

Are you excited for Mark Strong’s return to television? 

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By Brigid Brown