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As far as impossibly charming gearheads go, Top Gear hosts Chris Harris and Rory Reid are the crème de la crème. They may be the lesser-known two-thirds of the show’s loveable dynamic trio, but we have a sneaking suspicion that’s all about to change.

Before last season of Top Gear, Chris Harris was best known for his popular YouTube channel Chris Harris on Cars, though his career in motoring journalism extends to Autocar, Evo and Jalopnik magazines. Fellow English journalist Rory Reid has been in the game 18 (!) years, and won the BBC open audition contest for the Top Gear gig. He admits that he cried a bit when he got the good news. He’s just passionate like that.

To help you get revved up for all the shenanigans to come on the brand-new season of Top Gear, here are a few our favorite things about Chris and Rory.

1. Their reviews are on point. They keep the anecdotal gems coming fast and furiously, like this apt description of the BMW 2: “It’s an angry ball of energy, this car… like a pent up bloke at the pub who’ll start a fight with just about anyone for staring at his pint the wrong way.” On last season’s after-show Extra Gear, they also took on beasts like the Ariel Nomad, the AMG GTS and the Aston Martin Vulcan.

And a special shoutout to Chris Harris’s adrenaline-pumping drive in the Ferrari F12 TDF, which has already become the stuff of test track legend:

2. They really know their cars. While this is a prerequisite for anyone rubbing elbows with The Stig, we’re still blown away by their showings in these (insanely difficult) tests:

3. They’re hilarious, which we quickly discovered while watching them keep pace with Extra Gear comedian guests like Chris Ramsey, Stephen K. Amos, Zoe Lyons, Elis James, and John Robins. Rory Reid first showcased his comedic chops on the wildly successful Youtube channel Fast, Furious and Funny, but nowadays, it’s on social media where he really shines. If ferrel cat sagas and harsh-foodie posts are your speed, then his Twitter is the place to be:

4. This simple, endlessly entertaining fact: Chris Harris is the drift-master. Thanks for being you, sir:



5. Rory has been known to fanboy over fellow host Sabine Schmitz, and they’ve become buddies both on and off the track. Who wouldn’t want to race/have a beer with/iron for the Queen of the Nurburgring? Their friendship gives us serious FOMO:

RRxSS. Having a couple of cheeky Stellas with this one.

A photo posted by Rory (@mrroryreid) on

We still have to wait a bit longer for Chris, Rory, and Matt LeBlanc to return for the next season of Top Gear. In the meantime, though, get your motor running with these dispatches from production and the trailer below.

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