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GQ UK recently ran an interview (February 9) with Tom Hiddleston about his brief fling with Taylor Swift and the whole tank top debacle. The accomplished actor (The Night Manager, Thor) took a minute to explain what went down. We understand him wanting to clear the air, but from this angle, “our” Tom doesn’t need to explain himself.

We would prefer it all just went away…

So instead, let’s turn our attention to his skills as a linguist, as demonstrated in the charming exchange in the video below.

During a fitting for a photo shoot, also with GQ, Tom Hiddleston chatted with the young stylist, Lucy, who had the enviable task of helping him put on clothes. As she dressed him in a smart Louis Vuitton suit, Hiddleston returned the favor by schooling her on Irish and British accents.

For us viewers, this is a win-win. We get to watch Hiddleston go from zero-to-dapper in just over a minute (swoon), and also get a lesson on how to emulate a variety of delicious accents from across The Pond (more swooning).

Hiddleston talks to Lucy about what they’re doing in the moment, like tying a tie, to illustrate his ability to seamlessly change inflections. He goes from a southern Irish brogue, to the softer way of speaking heard in Edinburgh, Scotland. Then he heads south to give us his best cockney accent, finishing on a somewhat campy English voice: the perfect choice for ordering coffee, apparently.

It’s best if you hear it for yourself:

We know Hiddleston is across Anglophenia — he gave the fans a shout-out back in the day for voting him Man of the Year — possibly he’s a reader, too. He may have picked up some tips from former Anglo presenter Siobhan Thompson and her episode “One Woman, 17 British Accents”:

If you’re like us and want to envelop yourself in all things Hiddleston, but also ignore the shenanigans from last summer, possibly this personality quiz: How Well Do You Know Tom Hiddleston will prove as a nice distraction.

Is Lucy the luckiest girl in the world right about now?

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By Brigid Brown