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With Valentine’s Day sneaking up on us, (that’s right, February 14 is nearing. What to do…?Luther star Idris Elba had a sit-down with a few young admirers to get some dating advice. Elba doesn’t really seem like he’s lacking in the romance department, but with these particular fans being 10-years-old or younger, he may get some straightforward answers he wouldn’t hear from his peers.

He kicks off the “meeting” by asking the pint-sized fans what exactly happens on a date.

Apparently, this is how a date happens:

1) You take the girl somewhere nice, somewhere she likes, like a girl concert.

2) You pay for everything.

3) You agree with everything she says.

We’re kind of liking No. 3 on the list. Elba steps up for the men folk, though, saying, “What if you don’t like that?” One of the little boys in the room replies, bluntly, “It doesn’t matter about you. It matters about the girl.”

Oof, we’re taking notes!

Elba digs for more advice, like how should he act on a date? He asks the kids if he should go for a bad boy or good guy persona?

Their answers are quite unexpected, which you can check out below:

We enjoyed and agreed with a lot of the advice — BUT, we would probably skip the dancing and singing seen in the above clip.

Elba hosted the V-Day pow-wow as part of a fundraising effort for the non-profit organization W.E. Can Lead.

Did you have any takeaways from the kids’ advice? 

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By Brigid Brown