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We’ve been enjoying Tom Hardy‘s FX series Taboo as it rolls out one episode at a time on Tuesday nights (versus our typical binge sessions). When first getting into the period drama, set in England during The War of 1812, we almost forgot we were watching Hardy, with his character, James Delaney, being so intense.

Part of that intensity was demonstrated in a slightly unusual form: grunting.

Of course, there is dialogue, which is so thrilling, what with both the leaders of Great Britain and the United States after Delaney and the land he recently inherited. But a lot of Delaney’s responses are guttural outbursts versus actual words.

We’ve been so entranced by Delaney, a man on a mission, that we gave Hardy’s grunt habit a free pass. However, another fan of the series, YouTube user FlypieFilms, not only spotted Hardy’s grunts but was inspired to mash them into one snort-heavy montage.

Check out this 40-second supercut containing a whooping 73 groans, squawks,”UUMPHs” and “EEEMs.”

We wonder if Hardy even realized he was grunting so much. Probably. After all, he co-created the series — with his own father, no less. Perhaps the lesser-known  Chips Hardy even took advantage of their close relationship to point out his offspring’s, erm, unusual tick. 

If Taboo is new to you, the period drama, set in 1814, centers around English adventurer Delaney, who has unexpectedly returned home to attend his father’s funeral. He reunites with his half-sister, Zilpha (Oona Chaplin), who’s not too bothered by their father’s passing. So much so, she’s opted to bury him in a shallow grave — the cheapest option. Delaney doesn’t seem all that attached to his father, either, but he returned to pay his respects and collect his inheritance: a piece of land off of Vancouver Island, which proves very valuable to both Great Britain and the United States of America…

You can catch up with Taboo over at FX on Tuesday nights or via

Has Tom Hardy turned grunting into a new art form? 

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By Brigid Brown