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Stephen King has another adaptation in the works. It’s hard to keep track of them, but we’ll give it a go: first it was announced a reboot of his 1990s miniseries It is heading to the big screenThen it was confirmed James Franco is set to star in the feature-length adaptation of the short story Drunken Fireworks, followed by the news the film adaptation of Dark Tower would have a TV spin-off, starring Idris Elba. And just recently it was announced that Brendan Gleeson has been cast in the TV series Mr. Mercedes… and now, there’s a fifth production in the works (or, sixth if you count Dark Tower the film and TV series as two separate projects).

With the most recent announcement, J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot are on hand to produce the 10-part series, Castle Rock. Abrams and King are teaming up to work with Hulu, bringing the drama Castle Rock (a fictional location in Maine used in multiple novels by King) to the streaming service, with a 10-part series, says The Hollywood Reporter. This isn’t the first time the three parties collaborated, having worked together on the time travel thriller 11.22.63, starring James Franco.

The show — a psychological horror drama series —  is set to be an anthology, telling a different story each season, but weaving in characters seen in previous episodes. It’s not confirmed which books the stories will be pulled from, but Castle Rock, which is a reference from William Golding‘s 1954 novel The Lord of the Flies, has been mentioned in King’s The Dead ZoneCujo, The Body, Uncle Otto’s Truck, Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut, The Dark Half, The Sun Dog, Needful Things and It Grows on You, and the list goes on. In other words, there’s a wealth of material. 

Filming hasn’t yet started, but we’ve been given a bit of a teaser with clues floating across the screen in the form of characters’ names and locations, accompanied by dialogue:

Oof, just imagine all of these characters — like the killer clown Pennywise from IT and the kid from The Shining with his “redrum” finger — all in one town.

Did you spot your favorite King character in the trailer? 

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By Brigid Brown