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We told you about Gunpowder way back in October, but now we have the lowdown on what promises to be a historical thriller every bit as exciting and gritty as Taboo.

It’ll tell the story about the infamous Gunpowder Plot, a failed conspiracy to assassinate King James I by a group of English Catholic radicals in 1605.

And like Taboo, it’ll feature a solid cast headed by an A-lister. Game of ThronesKit Harington will star, although he won’t be playing the plot’s leader Guy Fawkes as previously reported.

According to the Radio Times, he’ll actually play Robert Catesby, one of Fawkes’ lesser known co-conspirators, but who is nevertheless considered by many to have been the mastermind behind the plot.

That’s not the only reason it’s a good casting. Kit — full name Christopher Catesby Harington — actually let on last year that the 30-year-old Warwickshire gentleman was a distant relation of his, meaning he has an extra responsibility to get the portrayal right.

Also getting themselves togged out in seventeenth-century garb will be Sherlock‘s Mark GatissLord of the Rings actress Liv Tyler, and Top of the Lake star Peter Mullan.

Mark will play King James’s spymaster-in-chief, sort of like a seventeenth-century M from the Bond films, Robert Cecil, whose job it was to punish anyone practicing Catholicism at a time in England when only the King’s form of Protestant Christianity was allowed. That might sound a little far-fetched for Sherlock’s dapper brother Mycroft, but after his amazing transformation into the Prince Regent in Taboo, we can imagine him as anything.

Peter will play Jesuit priest Henry Garnet, who risked imprisonment, torture, and death by continuing to practice his faith, and tried to convince Catesby not to carry out the attack.

Instead he started to recruit friends and relatives to his secret plot, including Anne Vaux (Liv Tyler), a wealthy Catholic woman who supported priests by renting houses where they could convene safely. In the drama, she becomes suspicious of Catesby’s plans and fears what might happen if he goes ahead with them.

Spies, conspiracy, gunpowder. It does all remind us of Tom Hardy‘s Taboo, which, if you haven’t already guessed by now, we’re pretty taken with. So we’re sold.

The only question we have left is, when will we get to see it? There’s still no word on whether it’ll air in the U.S., but it’s being made by the same company that brought us Broadchurch, Humans, and Apple Tree Yard though, so the signs are looking good.

What do you think of the lineup so far? 

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.