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Would the real Daniel Radcliffe please stand up? What you’re about to see (below) may appear to be photos of Harry Potter star, but in fact they’re snaps of his real life Russian lookalike, Hogwarts and all.

Radcliffe’s bespectacled face was first made famous when he took on the role of J.K. Rowling’s boy wizard back in 2001. Since then, the boy became a man, the face grew whiskers, and the now seasoned actor stars in films ranging from The Woman in Black (2012) to the 2016’s bizarre desert island tale, Swiss Army Man, in which he play a human corpse that’s also a Swiss Army knife.

We’re sure an actor who thinks nothing of portraying a cadaver-turned-weapon will be faintly amused (rather than mortally wounded) to learn that there’s a Russian dude working in the chocolate and cookie industry who looks JUST like him.

Meet southern Siberian, Nikolai Posleda, and his Instagram account.

As you can see, the resemblance is, well, magical.


A photo posted by Коленька ⚡️ (@anupliy) on

Here he is again. We’ve got actual chills.

Моника упахалась больше всех.

A photo posted by Коленька ⚡️ (@anupliy) on

Posleda is well aware of his lookalike status and regularly receives comments from followers along the lines of, “all he needs now is the scar.”

His friends started to notice the similarity to Radcliffe around five years ago, Posleda told Russian website TJournal. “Most of the time people walk by and say to each other something like — wow — look, it’s Harry Potter! Sometimes they want to take a picture, but not too often, thank God. They don’t ask for my autograph, but a couple of times people have started speaking English with me.”

We’re not surprised. While some supposed celebrity doppelgängers are a reach at best, like this (also Russian) guy who thinks he’s a dead-ringer for Leonardo DiCaprio, Radcliffe’s clone-like resemblance to his double is, well, uncanny.

But he’s not the only person to boast looks similar to Radcliffe’s. At least according to Conan O’Brien, Dirk Gently star, Elijah Wood also bares a striking resemblance. We can’t argue with that.

Who do you think looks most like Daniel Radcliffe?

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By Ruth Margolis