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Mark Wright's TARDIS (Photo: YouTube)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a trawl through the outer reaches of the internet over the past week to find tasty nuggets of Whovian fandom and other stuff and nonsense.

And we begin this week where we began last week, by thinking about the next Doctor. There’s plenty of speculation about who should take on the TARDIS after Peter Capaldi hangs up his sonic shades, including this neat summation of the most highly regarded contenders, from WhatCulture:

On that note, David Tennant knows who he’d like to see take over the TARDIS:

This isn’t quite the same thing:

But Noel Clarke trumps the lot:

And this perfect summation of the job, from the man still currently doing it:

There is one candidate that no one has mentioned yet, however. And that is odd, because as this video proves, despite not being a professional actor, he already has his own (Wendy House) TARDIS, his own scarf, and the Doctor’s lovable sense of domestic forgetfulness. May we present for your consideration, Mr. Mark Wright who has made this video by way of an audition:

There, that was easy. Now, what else has been going on in space and time this week?

• Missy is painting a tiny TARDIS:

• The Doctor Puppet is pleased to see her:

• And she’s not the only one who’s popping back in Season 10…

• …ssssssomething Doctor Who: The Fan Show is delighted about:

• A perfect time to look over this fan trailer for their debut adventure, “The Ice Warriors”:

• No, Matt, the answer is 22:

• Karen Gillan gets her groove on:

• Another thought about Peter Capaldi’s announcement:

• Speaking of which:

• Excellent work:

• A look back on the greatest bits of Season 9:

• Oh look, I see young River Song is having a day out:

• 53-and-a-half years condensed into two-and-a-half minutes:

• Is #Whomilton a thing yet?

• Naawww:

• Amazing!

And to finish this week, here’s something that should really only exist in a defiantly pre-digital age. It’s the credits to early ’80s TV show Knight Rider (in which David Hasselhoff plays a man with a computerized car), using footage from the Third Doctor’s era, as if put together on an old VHS video player:


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By Fraser McAlpine