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The TARDIS (Photo: BBC)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a timey wimey trawly wawley through a week’s worth of Whovian stuff and nonsense on the internet.

And we begin this week with some footage that will not have been particularly disturbing at the time it was filmed, but viewed through modern, Whovian eyes, it’s quite upsetting.

Clayton Hickman came across this clip of a genuine police box being demolished in 1970, and the gentleman with the sledgehammer does such a thorough job it could bring tears to a Timelord’s eyes:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Steven Moffat says “Doctor Who now is better than Doctor Who then, just because it’s now. Doctor Who is a show of the moment.”

• The Martians have landed:

• A trip behind the scenes:

• This is lovely, a compilation of some of the Doctor’s most challenging moments and greatest feats of endurance, from TheGaroStudios:

• All the runners and riders, some more plausible than others:

Neil Gaiman’s Doctor would enjoy cake, but be skeptical about aliens:

• The question is, which woman?

• Well you can’t deny she’s done enough research for the part:

• And speaking of Christel:

• Whole universes reside within these doors:

Doctor Who is “the Law & Order of Great Britain”

• Remember Bannakaffalatta? He’s R2-D2 now:

• Clayton Hickman also found beauty in the back covers of these classic Doctor Who books:

• The TARDIS, somewhere and somewhen in Season 10:

• Two Doctors, two TARDISes and a big Cyberpest:

• Brilliant indeed!

• This is beautiful:

• An artistic TARDIS, or TARTIS:

• Give it time (and space):

• Fans already love Bill Potts:

• This is cracking, a fan-made BBC trailer for a show saying goodbye to Twelve and welcoming the next Doctor (note: no such TV show exists as yet):

• And finally, let’s end with this, a quite lovely hangover from Valentine’s Day:


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By Fraser McAlpine