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Welcome to the Doctor Who‘s Day Roundup, your weekly dose of timey wimey stuff that’s drifted in across the internet over the past seven days.

And since today’s roundup falls on Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d celebrate February 14th with a look back at an especially romantic moment from recent Who history (Whostory?) — the Twelfth Doctor’s date with River Song at the Singing Towers of Darillium:

As it happens, Steven Moffat has been talking in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine about a possible future for River. While the current showrunner saw “The Husbands of River Song” as the end of the story he set out to tell almost a decade ago, he wouldn’t rule out the idea that another writer might want to bring the character back in future.

“There’s always the chance that River will show up again, at some other point in her timeline, with a stolen camel, seven more husbands, and a nuclear submarine. Big Finish isn’t done with her, I believe, and any reason to get Alex Kingston back in action is a good one.”

Sticking with the romance theme, Doctor Who-themed Valentines are always a lark, so here are a few of our favourites from recent years, starting with these Season 9-themed efforts from the official Doctor Who Tumblr:

Here’s a classic take that’s been doing the rounds in various forms for a while:

These ones by artist James Stowe are a few years old, now, but they’re utterly charming:


And finally, some “Doomsday”-themed animated ones that will probably make you cry:

Here’s what else has been going down in time and space this week:

• Speculation over who will play the Thirteenth Doctor continues unabated, and the latest twist over in the U.K. press is that Danny Dyer – best known for BBC soap opera Eastenders and a slew of cult British movies – has suggested he would be willing to throw his hat in the ring as the first “Cockney Doctor.” Could we be seeing the next Doctor running up the “apples and pears” to get away from the Daleks?

• The Doctor Who website, meanwhile, polled assorted writers, actors and famous fans over who they’d like to see. Of course, all opinions should be taken only as the personal thoughts of those questioned, but it’s interesting to see who some of the preferred names are.


• Whoever does get the role, David Tennant is convinced that they’ll have to be an obsessive fan in order to be “lured” into the job. Speaking to The Times of London ahead of the third season of Broadchurch, the former Tenth Doctor said that “Peter Capaldi grew up as a big Doctor Who fan, as have writers Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall. You see, that’s the trick.”

• Last week it was revealed that Missy was returning for Season 10 – so it’s a good time to brush up on your knowledge of the Master:

• Some good news about the legacy of Delia Derbyshire, the genius from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop who made the original Doctor Who theme tune sound the unique and unmistakeable way it did. The electronic music charity set up in her honor, Delia Derbyshire Day, has secured a funding grant that will enable them to digitize their archive of her work and notes, opening it up to the general public in time for what would have been her 70th birthday later this year. A series of public events in Manchester, England, will begin on that day (May 5).

• If the Season 4 finale had gone differently, the appearance of a young Davros in “The Magician’s Apprentice” would not have been the first occasion on which we had flashed back to the classic villain’s life before creating the Daleks. Check out our list of 10 Things You May Not Know about “Journey’s End” to find out what Russell T Davies originally had in store.

• The official Doctor Who Instagram snapped a somewhat Arthur Dent-looking Nardole (Matt Lucas) filming alongside Peter Capaldi for Season 10 this week:

• But there was also time for a few nostalgia trips to the past. Such as this concept art for Satellite 5, as seen in the 2005 episodes “The Long Game” and “Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways”:

• Plus, a shot of David Tennant filming on location for “Blink”, an episode that will be ten years old this June. TEN!

It's David Tennant preparing to shoot a scene… from which episode? #DoctorWho #whovian #behindthescenes

A photo posted by Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) on

• Over in Fan Art Corner, here’s a rockin’ Twelfth Doctor piece:

• And some dramatically minimalist posters for various episodes that show just how effective those single-story ideas can be in isolation:

• And finally… do you know your “All Calls” from your “Urgent Calls”? Here’s a handy guide to TARDIS door panels past and present:


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By Seb Patrick