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Liam Neeson has a new gig, and spoiler alert, it’s not a Taken sequel. Hoorah!

Don’t get us wrong, we get if you find something you like and you’re good at, go with it… but, well, there’s a but. Fans are kind of starting to pick up on the formula of the Taken series and can probably guesstimate what’s going to happen before sitting down in their movie theater seat. Even Liam spoofed his character Bryan Mills with Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo. He stepped in to help Giullermo, when the faithful security guard’s dog was taken. 

It’s nice to see him stretch his legs and move on to a new project. It’s not too much of a stretch, with his next assignment also being an action-thriller, but Hard Powder is a new setting with a new storyline. We’ll give him that.

If hard powder makes you think of packed snow, then your instincts are right. Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland‘s (In Order of Disappearance) film is set in the Rocky Mountains. At first our mind goes to Neeson playing a fitty ski instructor, coolly swooshing down the mountain in a proper red ski patrol jacket (one is prone to day dream).

We were close, but a bit off, because the story is based in a ski town in Colorado, but he’s actually set to take on a local who drives a snowplow by the name of Nel. Of course, there’s more to the story, as we need the action bit. According to the film’s description, his son is murdered and it’s believed a local drug cartel is responsible. We thought people in ski towns were kind of chill and pleased with a good layer of snow. But, we digress.

Nel doesn’t turn a blind eye to what’s gone down, but instead goes after the cartel and its kingpin, kicking off a turf war between the Native American mafia and a yuppie gangster called The Viking.

If the description sounds a bit wild, yet interesting, you can give credit to writer Frank Baldwin. He’s also the writer of the forthcoming TV series The Warriors.

There’s definitely a lot going on with the plot description. Possibly StudioCanal’s character description will help provide some grounding, with the statement released saying, “Liam Neeson plays an ordinary man driven to extraordinary lengths, a hero in the mold of Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven or Bruce Willis in Die Hard.”

Oooh, now we can wrap our heads around this a bit more.

Can you picture Liam Neeson in big furry boots with a matching cap?

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By Brigid Brown