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While some of us (at least who live in areas that experience cold climate) are pining for the warmer months, Gerard Butler has snow on the brain.

Butler, who we know for action roles in over-the-top films like London Has Fallen (2016), Law Abiding Citizen (2009), and 300 (2003), is set to star in the forthcoming Snow Ponies.

Don’t get us wrong, the Scottish actor also turns up as the love interest in rom-coms (The Ugly Truth, The Bounty Hunter) and signs on for family friendly films (How to Train Your Dragon, Nim’s Island) , but this is no cuddly, “I bought my daughter the pony she always wanted,” feel-good kind of flick.

Snow Ponies revolves around a group of men hired to transport a package across a tough terrain. They have no idea what they’ve signed on to deliver, but of course crossing paths with murderous bandits is a job hazard in this kind of work. According to the film description, the men grapple with continuing on with the mission or saving their own skin.

Maybe a pros and cons list would help in a situation like this… while maneuvering the edge of a snowy cliff?

Producer Kelly McCormick provides more plot details in a statement, saying, “It breaks the standard revenge model by focusing on the dynamics of a group of men being pushed and pulled and picked off by forces beyond their control. The violence is heavy and the action is brutal, but not repellent because it fits in with the mood of this icy and hostile world,” reports Deadline.

The script, written by Pat Healy, has been a work in progress since landing on the Hollywood Black List in 2006. And, no, not the kind of blacklist when people turn their backs on you, but rather the opposite, a place to put a spotlight on what might otherwise be overlooked material. Darrin Prescott is on deck to direct, making this his debut at the helm of a feature-length film. But this isn’t his first time to the rodeo set, having held down the fort as second unit director for films like the upcoming Black Panther (2018), Captain America: Civil War (2016) and the John Wick franchise (2014, 2017).

Possibly Butler and Liam Neeson broed-up over hot cocoa and were like, “Let’s both do movies in the snow,” because Neeson just signed on for a film based in the Rocky Mountains.

Butler is currently filming the military thriller Hunter Killer, opposite Gary Oldman and Billy Bob Thornton. We can look for him in the 2017 sci-fi film Geostorm (October 20), also starring Ed Harris.

The premiere date for Snow Ponies has yet to be announced.

Dare we ask — what do you think is in the package?!  

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By Brigid Brown