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Here at Anglophenia, we’re currently craving a look at the new BBC drama, Apple Tree Yard. The teaser trailers are filled with so much intrigue and mystery, with Emily Watson (Dr. Yvonne Carmichael) to Ben Chaplin, who plays her lover, Mark. Waitaminute, have we gotten ahead of ourselves? Are you thinking to yourself, “Erm, what the bleep is Apple Tree Yard?”

It’s understandable if the title is new to you, with the four-part series only just premiering in the U.K. on January 22. As of now, there’s no set date for the series to air in the U.S., but that doesn’t stop us wanting to know more.

For the moment, we’ll have to make do with an intriguing clip or two:

Upon further investigation, (SPOILER ALERT) we learn the first episode depicts a violent act. The treatment of the material is, however,  being applauded for handling the graphic scene with an honest and realistic tone, and not sensationalizing or sexualizing assault.

This second trailer hints at what happened, and the events that follow:

Watching the above previews remind us of when we first saw Emily Blunt in the Girl on the Train trailer, and thought, “Must. Know. What’s. Happening.” Well, there is one way to go about that: If you’re so inclined, you can get a head start on the series by reading Louise Doughty‘s novel by the same name (which is exactly what we did before the film adaptation of Girl on the Train hit the big screen):

Now that that we’ve piqued your interest, here are five shows you CAN watch right now that explore similar themes as those seen in Apple Tree Yard, including betrayal, anguish and, ultimately, survival (well, we hope).

Here are five shows that don’t fall far from Apple Tree Yard (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves):

1. Marcella
You may recognize Anna Friel from the 2007 dark comedy Pushing Daisies, where she starred opposite Lee Pace. Now she takes on the role of detective Marcella Backland in the crime drama Marcella. The detective sergeant was in a happy marriage, or so she thought; until one day she found herself replaced by someone who could do it “better.” Whatever that means. There’s only so much one can do to get past such an isolating experience, but Marcella finds purpose by throwing herself into her detective work, tracking a serial killer who has become active again, reopening an 11-year-old cold case. Marcella is available for streaming via Netflix.

2. The Night Of
Life as we know it can change in but an instant, as we see in The Night Of, starring Riz Ahmed as Nasir Khan. The story began when Nasir borrows his father’s taxi. Mistaken for a cab driver, he picked up a young woman as a passenger. The two hit it off, he spent the night at hers, only to wake up to her bloodied murdered body. He soon finds himself behind bars, not knowing himself what exactly happened. You can catch up with The Night Of via HBO Go.

3. The Politician’s Husband
By coincidence, our third item also stars Apple Tree Yard‘s Emily Watson. But the story itself is what attracted us to The Politician’s Husband. Anglo fan favorite David Tennant (Doctor Who) plays Senior Cabinet Minister Aiden Hoynes. His career takes a tumble when he resigns from his post to take on a different position. Except, those plans are upset when his friend betrays him. His wife, played by Watson, picks up the pieces of their life by going back to work as a politician herself. Watson delivers more great lines with this series, like when calling her husband out for getting them in a fix, saying, “I am not the reason that you did this. I am just the excuse.” To find out exactly what “this” is and what he did, you can catch the three-part miniseries over at iTunes.

4. Paranoid
When people are sneaking around and lying to you, as seen in the above clips, it’s easy to be suspicious. We thought the four-part series Paranoid would be appropriate for this list. The series revolves around a woman being murdered in the middle of the day at a playground, with a number of witnesses, including her young son. Indira Varma (Game of Thrones) stars as detective Nina Suresh, and takes the lead on the case. In addition to her work, Nina struggles with her love life, wanting to have children but knowing she may be running out of time due to her age. Per usual, it’s not as straightforward as it seems, with Paranoid star Robert Glenister (Close to the Enemy) saying, “Paranoid starts off as a generic police procedural and then develops into something else.” Paranoid is available over at Netflix.

5. Crashing
You’re probably picking up on a pattern here: these people’s lives are coming crashing down, and they all have different ways of coping. We’re not going to veer from that theme even though our final item is a comedy. Pete Holmes learns his wife is cheating on him in his new TV series. And what is it called? Oh, Crashing. And how does Holmes (no relation to Sherlock) deal with this news of infidelity? He takes it to the stage, venting about how his life is in shambles as part of his standup comedy routine. Ultimately, he turns his act into self-therapy, proving you can make light of personal trauma. Crashing premieres on Sunday, February 19 at 10:30pm Eastern on HBO.

You never know — this post might get Apple Tree Yard stateside earlier than expected. If you talk about it, it will come…

Who is reading Apple Tree Yard now?  Maybe it’s time to start a book club!

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By Brigid Brown