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Oh boy! We’re getting a new TV movie — a genre-bending hybrid of sci-fi and superhero storylines. AND it stars BBC America personality Maisie Williams (Doctor Who). What more could we ask for?

OK, you may want some more details, which we’re happy to provide. The 90-minute film, called iBoy, is premiering on Netflix on January 27. The story revolves around a young guy named Tom (Bill Miner), who is attacked by a London-based gang of thugs. Following the beating, we learn that fragments of a cell phone are lodged in his brain. And here comes the superhero aspect… it appears Tom has gotten an “upgrade.”

The recently-released trailer (please note, there is some strong language in the clip) shows us exactly what that means. Williams, meanwhile, plays his friend Lucy, who was attacked by the same group of guys in a separate incident. Tom is not happy that the gang went after his friend, who he’s also secretly has a crush on.

Fans of Williams will be glad to hear that she’s set to be all over our screens this year. The actress will return as Arya Stark in the seventh season of Game of Thrones, which kicks off in June. And she’s already completed filming on the 2017 biopic A Storm in the Stars, where she’ll appear opposite Elle Fanning and Tom Sturridge. Williams is also signed on to star in the romantic drama The Forest of Hands and Teeth (sounds sexy).

And, while we’re luxuriating Williams’ stellar filmography, and it being Thursday (January 12), let’s throwback to her playing Ashildr in Doctor Who‘s 2015 episode “The Girl Who Died”:

But back to iBoy for a second. In case you’re not fully enticed by the fresh young cast, you can also look for industry stalwarts, Rory Kinnear (Penny Dreadful) and Miranda Richardson (Parade’s End) in the forthcoming series. We’re super excited.

What do you think of the premise? 

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By Brigid Brown