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Mahershala Ali missed out on a Golden Globe last Sunday (January 8), but any disappointment he might have felt can’t have lasted long.

That’s because two days later he’d been nominated for a BAFTA, and, if the pundits are to be believed, he’ll be a contender for an Academy Award this year thanks to his role in Barry Jenkins‘s critically acclaimed coming-of-age film Moonlight. He’s also had roles in some of our favorite shows, from the meticulous Remy Danton in House of Cards to kingpin Cottonmouth in Luke Cage.

But before that, he had the chance to be in the biggest show of them all: HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones. Six seasons in, the series about warring clans has such a vast cast, it sometimes seems easier to list the actors who’ve not been in the show.

One name that can be added to that list is Mahershala’s, though it wasn’t for lack of trying. As he explained to Jimmy Kimmel last night (January 11), he auditioned for a role in season three, but didn’t get a callback.

Watch as he reveals, it was the “worst audition of [his] life.”

Yeeesh. Well, let’s just say Game of Thrones‘s loss is our gain, because shortly after that he was cast in House of Cards — the role that brought him to the world’s attention.

And whatever the outcome of awards season, February is set to be an unforgettable month for the actor. Because, as Ali also told Kimmel, that’s when he and his wife are expecting a baby.

Do you think Ali would have made a good addition to the Game of Thrones cast?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.