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If you’re not familiar with Billy Eichner‘s YouTube series Billy on the Street, well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s basically comedian and actor Billy on the street talking to pedestrians in NYC as they make their way to and from wherever they are going.

We use the term “talking” loosely, because, well, there tends to be a lot of yelling or, if we want to put it more delicately, talking at people. But once the newfound TV stars realize what’s happening, they are more likely to take part (not necessarily in this case, which was given a spotlight on social media by Nicki Minaj).

And Billy appears to have gotten bit by the Carpool Karaoke bug. He took his show on the road, literally, and headed to Los Angeles. He and late night host James Corden take to the streets to commandeer unsuspecting pedestrians to join them in a conga line.

It sounds like a surefire plan to us:

Right, we do love a good conga line, no questions asked. But, we didn’t figure in Billy asking forceful questions, which may set people off. Thankfully, “our” lovely James was nearby to balance out the dynamic.

In his off-time from sprinting after people on the street, Billy stars opposite friend and cohort Julie Klausner in the Hulu original Difficult People. If this is new to you, it’s basically Billy and Julie being awful awesome and everyone else who has a problem… they’re the ones being difficult. Sounds about right to us.

Billy can’t be too difficult following this glowing review of his Curbside Conga Line from James himself:

Would you join Billy and James two-man conga line?? 

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By Brigid Brown