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We’re not exactly sure how to address this. We’re not big fans of toilet humor, but we are huge fans of Sir Patrick Stewart. And if he’s cool with this, then so are we.

Sir Patrick is going to play a piece of poop. We said it. We can’t take it back. We definitely never thought those words would ever all be in one sentence.

Maybe we should elaborate and clear the air… it’s really hard to avoid unintended puns here. He’s set to lend his voice to a character in the upcoming The Emoji Film, and his character’s name is Poop. The story follows a down-in-the-dumps emoji named Gene (T.J. Miller), who sets out to become just a plain ol’ emoji without so many feelings.

We got through that. It wasn’t so painful, right? Here’s a look at the character, bow-tie and all:

We’ve seen stuffed pillows of the above, and every time, it’s like, “He’s so cute.” The pillow — and emoji — has eyes and a smile, so we do refer to the swirly pile as a “he” versus “it.”

And, now, he will have a voice. Sir Patrick’s to be exact.

Sir Patrick can do no wrong in our eyes, but what about the Twittersphere?

Here are some reactions:

This Twitter user called it (in French) before it was official:

This tweet came through a few years back. It’s not directly related to the casting, but you get the idea:

Sir Patrick can pick and choose his roles — we trust him on this. We’ve got a tiny peek of his character already with this teaser trailer (1:02), and Poop has some mean in his lean:

Other stars signed onto the film include James Corden, Jennifer Coolidge, Maya Rudolph, and Ilana Glazer.

What do you think — are you on board with this?

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By Brigid Brown