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Ewen Bremner and Ewan McGregor run through the streets of Edinburgh while filming 'Trainspotting 2'. (Photo: Getty Images)

Trainspotting 2 doesn’t open in U.S. theaters until March, but old friends Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller, and Ewen Bremner have been doing the interview rounds in the run-up to its release in the U.K. this week.

One of them, however, has been dishing the dirt on another big movie he has coming out, and we’re not talking about Ewan McGregor, the Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast star who’s arguably gone on to be the most famous of the original Trainspotting cast since the cult hit came out in 1996.

We mean Ewen Bremner, whose reprisal of the role of Spud in T2 is not the only character he’ll play this year that has got tongues wagging. In an interview with Digital Spy published today (January 26), he gave more details on his role in… wait for it… the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Yup. That’s right. The mega standalone movie from the DC Universe starring Gal Gadot as the eponymous legendary lady.

There’s been speculation as to what he might be doing in it ever since he appeared in a photo snatched by Batman at the end of last year’s Batman v Superman, and shown again in the first few seconds of the Wonder Woman trailer (pause at 10 seconds in for a close-up of Ewen dressed as a Scottish World War I soldier):

And yes, eagle-eyed Anglo readers will also spot that’s Lucy Davis, a.k.a. Dawn from the U.K.’s The Office, at the end.

So what on earth is Spud — ahem, we mean Ewen — doing in the middle of World War I, as the erstwhile Amazon Princess Diana (no, not that one) tries to stop the war and eventually becomes Wonder Woman?

“I play a character who’s enlisted by Wonder Woman to help save the world as part of a small, unlikely band,” he told Digital Spy. “He’s a shellshocked soldier who’s been discharged from the war and is brought back to help on a secret mission.”

Secret mission, eh? This leads the good folks at Digital Spy to speculate whether his character comes face-to-face with classic Wonder Woman antagonist Ares, the ancient Greek god of war who’s been reported to be the movie’s villain.

It shouldn’t be a complete surprise that Ewen has a role in such a big blockbuster, of course. He’s been quietly stacking up roles in shows such as 2013’s sci-fi drama Snowpiercer with Tilda Swinton; and British miniseries The Devil You Know, with Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan and comedian Eddie Izzard, about the Salem Witch Trials; not to mention his starring role as poet John Malcolm Brinnin in BBC America’s 2014 TV movie A Poet in New York opposite Tom Hollander.

We’ll have to wait until June 2 to see how Ewen’s kilt-wearing character fits in with the DC legend. In the mean time, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Trainspotting-esque interlude where Wonder Woman runs through the streets of Edinburgh.

Can you picture Ewen in this role? 

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.