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The world continues to mourn the late, great Carrie Fisher. Whether it’s in the form of a news item in your Facebook feed, a tweet paying homage or her name coming up in a conversation, it’s clear she will not be forgotten.

It may be a small morsel of comfort, but we can still look forward to seeing the legendary actress on-screen. Prior to her unexpected passing, Fisher took part in Sky TV’s Urban Myths series, premiering in the U.K. on January 19. There are currently no plans for it to air in the U.S., but we’re hoping it’ll head stateside sooner rather than later.

The series is a collection of comedies, revolving around “remarkable events that may or may not have happened,” according to RadioTimes. OK, we’re officially intrigued.

The episode Fisher will appear in tells the story of how on 9/11, unable to leave New York by plane, Elizabeth Taylor (Stockard Channing), Michael Jackson (Joseph Fiennes) and Marlon Brando (Brian Cox) road tripped from NYC to Boston.

With the main roles spoken for, who will Fisher play? Oh, a burger flipper at a diner. We haven’t seen the episode, but we can totally picture her behind the counter providing some sound words to the traveling trio.

Whether or not this actually happened, this is one tale we’d LOVE to watch play out. Want to read up on this star-studded urban myth? This Vanity Fair story provides some more details — including Fiennes talking about being cast as the the King of Pop. Only in this report on the story, the three icons wind up in Ohio… which is NOT on the way to Boston. Hmm.

So, what do you think? Bizarre true story or compelling celebrity legend? 

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By Brigid Brown