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Anglophenia’s gal about town Maude Garrett checked in with all the biggest stars from movies and TV as we gear up for awards season. Where did she find all these fab folks? At the 2017 BAFTA Tea Party, of course.

The kickoff party was presented by BBC America and GREAT, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Anglophenia ditched the usual awards season questions and went straight to the gut, asking celebs like Ron Howard, Jane Seymour, and John Lithgow, “What does real happiness mean to you?”

The answers are so heartfelt and honest, it definitely gives insight into how these mega stars think and what they appreciate. And, of course, there are some responses that are fun and funny, like that of The Night Of star Riz Ahmed who is over-the-moon happy when he finds REM, and This is Us star Justin Hartley who is happiest after jumping into a good fitting pair of jeans (totes agreed).

The video is jam-packed with some of your favorite stars:

And why wouldn’t they be in such good spirits? The BAFTA Tea Party is such a #happyplace. Even so, Maude took a moment for peeps on the red carpet to “whinge” a bit, asking them about the work that goes into awards season.

The Crown star Claire Foy had a cute answer, with this being her first time taking part. Dirk Gently‘s Max Landis, Lily Collins (Rules Don’t Apply) and Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu) didn’t hold back either:

Dirk Gently star Hannah Marks is happiest with her dogs. She’s on the same page as us: happiest when surrounded by animals… which will be the case when Planet Earth II premieres on BBC America on February 18.

We can have more than one #happyplace, right? We’d like to add one to the list…

Our new #happyplace is hearing Riz Ahmed pronounce L.A. as “Los Ang-ee-leese” in the above clip.

What does real happiness mean to you? 

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By Brigid Brown