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Welcome to the first Doctor Who‘s Day roundup of 2017, in which we wander through the past seven days in Doctor Who fandom, stuffing our pockets with random delights, then put them in a safe place for later.

This week, we begin with a thrilling fan-made remix of the current trailer for Season 10 that appeared at the end of “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”. Y’know, this one:

This remarkable remix is by Theta Sigma Productions, a feat made all the more remarkable given how little footage there currently is to play with:

Good enough to tide you over until Spring? Thought not. Here’s what else has been going on in space and time in the past week:

The original Wholock:

Behind the scenes with Justin and Charity:

• Don’t hurt Mr. Huffle:

"This is Mr. Huffle. Mr. Huffle feels pain." #DoctorWho

A photo posted by Doctor Who (@doctorwho_bbca) on

• Not so easy to pack away and put in the loft:

• How Stuart Manning made his Ghost poster:

• Family ties:

• Doctor biscuits:

• Snow TARDIS:

• Best dad ever:

• On a similar note, every object is a potential canvas:

• Hats off to BabelColour for this Cybermen summary:

• Note: NOT medicine:

• Dalek Wonka:

• Imagine the bickering!

• It’s so wrong:

• Medical students:

• Gnomes – where the art is:

• And finally, to get the year off to an appropriately tingley and sober start, how about a fan-made collection of the Doctor’s thoughts on mortality, complete with bang-up-to-date quotations from the man himself:


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By Fraser McAlpine