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The Gilmore Girls revival has come and gone, but we’ll be seeing more of Alexis Bledel (Rory) in the forthcoming TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood‘s The Handmaid’s Tale, premiering on Hulu in 2017.

If you’re not familiar with the story, it’s set in a near future New England. The dystopian classic imagines a brutal totalitarian regime called the Republic of Gilead, forcing women, known as “Handmaids,” into servitude for reproductive purposes.

Bledel will star opposite Top of the Lake’Elisabeth Moss, who is already confirmed to take on the role of Offred, one of the last remaining fertile women in society. Bledel will play Offred’s companion and fellow Handmaid, Ofglen. The women are named after their masters, Fred and Glen, in other words, “Of-Fred” and “Of-Glen.” Dare we say, “Of-Gross.”

We have first-look photos of Bledel modeling the Handmaid’s uniform — a red dress and white bonnet:

(Photo: Hulu)
(Photo: Hulu)

The story is told in the first person by Offred. She is not only a Handmaid but a wife and mother, at least she was in her prior life. She succumbs to her role as a reproductive slave, but also works to find the daughter she was separated from. She’s basically a badass.

To learn more about Bledel’s character, check out  this description from Deadline: “At first, Ofglen seems like a pious rule-follower, loyal to the oppressive Gilead system, but she turns out to be daring and subversive.”

Joseph Fiennes takes on the complex role of The Commander, who rules over the Handmaids, but also provides Offred with an escape from her bleak daily routine.

Atwood’s novel was published in 1985 and, eerily, was deemed speculative fiction. It’s like the author was warning us that this may happen.

Let’s hope not.

We can look for The Handmaid’s Tale over at Hulu in April 2017.

Have you read the novel? Is the casting shaping up to be what you pictured?

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By Brigid Brown