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The NYC premiere of Collateral Beauty was a doozy of an event with many familiar faces turning up, including the film’s high-octane stars Will Smith, Dame Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, Naomie Harris, and newcomers Kylie Rogers, Alyssa Cheatham, and Jacob Latimore. Director David Frankel and producer Allan Loeb were also on hand to talk to Anglo about the dream casting they achieved.

The film revolves around a middle-aged man, played by Smith, who has suffered a horrific loss. He turns to the universe for some help, sending out letters to “Time,” “Love,” and “Death.” And, do you know what happens? He hears back.

With this British/American cast you’d think there may be some sort of culture mashup on-set, and, it looks like there was: apparently Mirren was teaching her colleagues some not-so-polite British terms. As well, Norton was just in awe of working with his three British counterparts on one film, Mirren, Harris and Kate Winslet, calling them “the three sirens.”

Sharon Carpenter just recently joined us at Anglo and she’s making her way through Hollywood, one red carpet at a time.

Watch her and the Collateral Beauty cast:

Collateral Beauty hits theaters Friday (December 16.)

What do you think of the cast’s chemistry (on and off-set)? 

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By Brigid Brown