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We couldn’t be more excited about the new Sherlock, but it won’t be our only chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch on our screens this Christmas.

He also stars in The Hollow Crown on PBS, the second cycle of the BBC’s adaptation of Shakespeare‘s historical plays that started way back in 2012.

Back then Ben Whishaw and Tom Hiddleston played Richard II and Henry V respectively, but now the series has reached The War of the Roses plays, so called because they chart the turmoil caused by two competing families claiming the throne in fifteenth century England.

George R.R. Martin has cited the civil wars, which lasted three decades, as the historical inspiration for Game of Thrones, and it’s fair to say there’s a definite Westeros vibe to this new three-part series.

The first two episodes have already aired, giving us a glimpse of Benedict as a young Richard of York, whose father is killed after trying to seize the throne. That’s all set to change in the final installment, however, due to air on Sunday (December 25), as Richard of York becomes that ultimate villain, Richard III.

But wait, we hear you cry. Our Benedict, a baddie? He’s played sinister characters before (namely in Star Trek Into Darkness), but we’re still not entirely comfortable with his shady side. Anyhow, Vulture has got hold of an exclusive clip that gives us a tantalizing taste of our man in action:

OK, we’ll admit it: Benedict is GREAT as a bad guy. And here he is being his great self in a Graham Norton Supercut.

The final episode of The Hollow Crown airs at 9pm on Sunday, December 25.

What do you think of the series so far? 

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.