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Okay, please don’t jump to conclusions: Toby Jones isn’t in the dog house (no pun intended, see below) for any misbehaving as a guest star on Sherlock. But unfortunately the bloodhound who is set to, well, play a hound, is not getting the best feedback from his castmates.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who as you know plays the title role in Sherlock, chimed in with an anecdote. It turns out Amanda Abbington, who takes on the role of Mary Watson, had some struggles wrangling in her canine co-star.

Cumberbatch kicks off the story, saying, “We had an interesting dog in the first episode. He was very sweet but was a bit afraid of being in the center of town, afraid of too many people and not great on hard surfaces.”

Oh no, it sounds like he had a bit of stage fright.

That’s where seasoned actors come in to help out the newbies, but as the saying goes, “Never work with children or animals.” Abbington didn’t necessarily have so much control in this situation.

Cumberbatch goes on to paint us a picture, describing the situation: “We were in Borough Market, with lots of people around, on concrete and tarmac. Cut to Amanda literally pulling a bloodhound around London who was supposed to pull her around London. That was fun.”

Ooh, we love a good storytelling. It feels like we were there. But, that’s just the beginning…

It turns out Abbington was so inclined to talk about her “frenemy” on morning TV. This must have been quite the traumatizing experience (we exaggerate). The story continues with Abbington saying, “We worked with the worst dogs in the history of canine acting. They were truly awful.”

If you follow Abbington on Twitter, her handle is @chimpinsocks, then you know she is not shy to speak her mind.

She goes on to describe her disillusion with how things played out, saying, “There were bloodhounds. There’s a bloodhound in one of the original [Sir ArthurConan Doyle books and Mark Gatiss [co-creator and Sherlock star] thought it would be a brilliant idea to get a real bloodhound in. It really, really wasn’t. It was terrible.”

Abbington continued on with some more heated words about the pooch, but we think you have gotten the point by now, you can read the full interview over at RadioTimes.

Surely it’s already on your calendar, but just in case, Sherlock premieres in both the U.K. and U.S on January 1.

Where was Martin Freeman through all of this?? 

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By Brigid Brown