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The actress best known for her role in Star Wars, and later her screenwriting and raw wit, has died. Carrie Fisher passed away today, aged 60, after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles last Friday.

Like everyone who admired Carrie — an undisputed icon — we’re deeply saddened by the news of her death. But we love that she’s someone who’s racked up so many memorable and hilarious moments — many of them with her friend, and Anglophenia favorite, Graham Norton. We could gush over Fisher’s fabulousness for hours, but instead we’ll let Carrie — and Graham — do the talking.

Graham tweeted his touching reaction to Carrie’s passing:

And here are some of the star’s most memorable (and all-too-recent) moments on the red couch:

Carrie explored the idea of Star Wars adding an all-female planet:

 “I didn’t know I was a sex symbol,” Carrie told Graham:

Carrie admitted to spoiling Star Wars for Graham: 

“When I get upset I become British,” Carrie revealed:

We’re not necessarily encouraging it, but if you plan to go down a Carrie spiral today (OK, we are too), you can watch her last appearance on The Graham Norton Show HERE.

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By Ruth Margolis