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(Photo: New Line Cinema)

It was terrifying the first time around. But the remake, which hits theaters in late 2017, is set to be even bigger and badder than the original adaptation.

Most of you know exactly what It is, but some may be thinking, “What is it?” No, not “it” but… It with a capital “I.” We’ll just spell it out to cut down on any confusion: Stephen King‘s 1986 novel It was made into a miniseries in 1990 and revolved around a killer clown with a hunger for children. That description alone is upsetting enough, but to see it all played out on-screen is enough to give anyone — child or full-grown adult — nightmares.

And, now, it’s moving to the big screen. Filming has begun and we’re getting a peek at Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove) as the bloodthirsty Pennywise:

(Photo: New Line Cinema)
(Photo: New Line Cinema)

The folks over at io9 were puzzled by the above photo, calling out Pennywise for looking rather odd, or even Photoshopped. He does appear to be just hanging there, disjointedly, peeking out from behind whatever that cylindrical gray thing is.

If you’re curious to see what he looks like without the clown makeup, here’s Skarsgård all cleaned up:

(Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)

Skarsgård has got the foreboding stare down, in and out of character. He was clearly meant for this role. Even though, ahem, someone else was signed on first … Well, it happens.

And, if you need a refresher, here’s the original Pennywise, played by fan favorite Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show): 

Okay, if that hasn’t left you completely creeped out, then let’s flashback to this Anglo post about a mystery clown making his rounds in North Hampton, England.

It may not be rational to be scared of clowns, but, well, we get it.

It is scheduled to premiere on September 8, 2017.

Are you going to brave It in the theaters? 

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By Brigid Brown