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'The End of Time' (Photo: BBC)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a cosmic collection of various Whovian items of fact and fandom from the last week on the internet. And this week, you join us in something of a pickle.

The fine art of crossover trailers—in which one TV show or movie is presented using the music and editing style of another—has long been a ripe area for Whovian activity, and this week there are two very different examples vying for the title of Clip of the Week.

On the one hand, there’s this breezy reskinning of the early years of classic Doctor Who as if it was the Supermarionation masterpiece Thunderbirds, which is terrific fun:

And on the other, a trailer for “The End of Time,” the Tenth Doctor’s last hurrah, as if it was the trailer for the X-Men movie Logan, which is just heartbreaking:

*sniff* OK, we’ll call it a draw.

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Cue the stirring music…only two-and-a-bit more weeks to go!

• The Doctor has a fire-escape chat:

• And a bit of a tech support moment:

• Incidentally, lots more pics from “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” here.

• Never mind the wrapping paper, how about some wallpaper?

• A Christmas tree you absolutely must not tear your eyes away from:

• The Fourth Doctor is back, as are all the others:

• Some gift ideas (from an alternate dimension):

• Festive facts!

• “Doctor Who: The Fan Show” has a production update on Season 10:

• The Doctor’s side-eye game is strong:

• But his front-eye game is spectacular:

• A teaser trailer for the First Doctor adventure “The War Machines”

• And another for his final battle (and the introduction of the Cybermen), “The Tenth Planet”

• All of time and space AND a swing:

• How to write Doctor Who:

• This is fascinating, a side-by-side edit of the moments from “An Adventure in Space and Time” that were recreated from classic Doctor Who, and the scenes themselves:

Steven Moffat tells Doctor Who Magazine about the problems of an Eighth Doctor revival:

• Need any help to make that dematerialize?

• The missing link between Alan Partridge and Tommy Zoom:

• Just lovely:

• The TARDIS: infinite storage, and stylish with it:

“The Power of the Daleks” – also available in color:

• And to end this week on a particularly intense musical note, how about a dubstep version of Murray Gold’s “I am the Doctor”?

Or an 8-Bit version of the Doctor Who theme?

OK then, let’s get rowdy. The FINAL final item of the week is this outstanding metal cover of the “To Save Gallifrey” theme from “The Day of the Doctor”?


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By Fraser McAlpine