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It’s undeniable we have a soft spot for Loki, Thor’s underdog little brother (from another mother). And now he has some competition in the dastardly superhero brother category.

Patrick Wilson has signed on to play the half-brother of Aquaman, reports His proper name is Orm, but he also goes by Ocean Master. In this case, he may not be so much of an underdog if he is controlling the sea.

Aquaman himself will be played by Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa. We can also look forward to seeing Amber Heard as Mera, the Queen of Atlantis and Willem Dafoe will take on the role of Nuidis Vulko, an advisor to Atlantis.

Orm, unlike Loki, does not hide his ambitious ways. He is clearly after the throne of Atlantis and is deemed a rival to his brother.

Wilson definitely has that guy next door feel, but if you’ve seen him in darker films like 2005’s Hard Candy, co-starring Ellen Page, then you know he has it in him to go sinister.

If you’d like to catch up with the American actor, you can check out the series A Gifted Man (2011-2012) and the 2014 film Jack Strong streaming over at Netflix. He also starred in the 2015 TV adaptation of Fargo as Lou Solverson, which can be found via Amazon.

DC Comics’ Aquaman, directed by James Wan, is set for a 2018 release. Wilson and Wan worked together on The Conjuring (2013) and The Conjuring 2 (2016).

Who would you put your money on — Loki or Orm?

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By Brigid Brown