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We hope you’re having a gold star kind of day, but if you’re needing a little lift me up, we have some good news: Planet Earth II, narrated by Sir David Attenboroughwill premiere on BBC America on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 9/8c (yes, it’s a bit away, but that’s how much we’re looking forward to it).

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the extended trailer for the mesmerizing series:

Stunning footage from the series like this lovesick sloth swimming to find a mate are probably already getting those happy juices flowing, but, if you’re not quite there yet, let’s take a peek at the below animal videos to really clinch it:

1. A Parrot Rocks Out
We’ve seen a number of versions of “Uptown Funk,” but in the clip below, it’s Jaz the parrot’s first time watching the original performed by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. And it appears that Jaz is moved by the music. When his feathers sprout out of his head right as the song picks up (00:15)… it’s AH-mazing.

2. Penguins Take Flight
If you find you’re asking yourself, “Can penguins fly?” Well, typically, the answer is no. But the penguins in this special colony are unlike any we’ve ever seen before.

3. Baby Otter Squees in Delight
Like any new mom, this otter just wants to hang with her newborn baby. The cuddly momma keeps her baby warm by blowing air into his fur, and the cuteness is almost too much to handle.

4. A Lemur Needs a Hand
The lemur in the below clip isn’t afraid to point out his favorite spot for a back scratch. The children in town get a kick out of petting the friendly creature, and whenever they stop, he asks for more. 

5. Nuzzling with an Owl 
An Eskimo kiss is when you rub your nose against another person’s nose. Okay, so then what is it called when you rub your nose against an owl’s beak? There’s probably no exact name for it, but the owl in the below clip is not shying away from the affection from his friend.

6. A Lion is Finally Freed 
To be completely honest, this is sad and then happy. This lion was in captivity his entire life, but here he is freed into a sanctuary in Brazil. And for the first time, he experiences what it’s like to roll around in the grass.

7. A Wee Monkey Enjoys Playtime
Sometimes, even when children are surrounded with toys, the empty box turns out to be the most fun. And in this case, an adorable baby monkey is fully entertained by tossing and turning on a rope. 

8. A Hedgehog Goes a Sailing
Hedgehogs can be found in the wild, particularly common in the U.K., but are also lovely companions at home. This lil’ guy is clearly adored, and trusts his person enough to transform himself into a sort of “boat.”

9. A Grizzly Bear Gets His Groove On
Some itches just have to be scratched. The momma grizzly bear in the below Planet Earth II clip rubs her body against a tree in order to shed her thick winter coat. She also just happens to be an amazing dancer.

10. The First Day of an Elephant’s Life
And, finally, in this clip, we get a two-for-one deal, meeting a new mummy elephant and her one-day-old calf. As we hear, elephants are only fertile for three days every five years. So, this is quite a moment to share with the growing family.

And if that weren’t enough to make you smile, then let’s circle back to Planet Earth II with this two-year-old child’s commentary:

If you need further reinforcement, check out this article 8 Reasons Why Planet Earth II Will Be the Absolute Best Thing You See on TV This Year from Digital Spy.

Are you happier than you were… say, five minutes ago!? 

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By Brigid Brown