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Disney recently released the first photo of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in character as Belle and the Beast. And, how do we put this gently, the Beast could have been anyone, based on the photo at least: So. Much. Fur.

But now we get to see the two of them in action in the just released trailer for the live-action adaptation of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. It feels like we’ve been talking about this for years, with so many casting updates, and, well, we have been, two to be exact. That’s why we’re so excited the first look has arrived.

In the trailer below we see Belle run into a castle to save her father, who has been imprisoned. He warns her to leave because the castle is alive.

What’s a girl to do?

Belle doesn’t even have a chance to heed her father’s warning because she is greeted by … none other than … the Beast.

The Beast makes her an offer:

Now that we see the Beast all moving and talking, we can see past his whiskers.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017.

Are you excited to revisit Beauty and the Beast?

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By Brigid Brown