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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup. A great big pile of Whovian stuff and nonsense from the last week or so across the internet and fanspace.

And we begin this week with the Mannequin Challenge. The craze for filming clips in which everyone stands as still as, well, a mannequin has been the stuff of social media frenzy for the past few weeks, with everyone from Destiny’s Child to Sir Paul McCartney joining the fun.

Naturally, Whovians have been well-trained in this particular discipline, having been witness to several invasions from creatures with a knack for standing stock still, from Autons to powered-down Cybermen. A point made rather well by the team at The Doctor Who Experience:

And they’re not the only ones who have been quick to make that connection:

Real winners of the #mannequinchallenge #mannequinhead #weepingangel #doctorwho #tardis #whovian #dontblink

A photo posted by Steven Masters (@lunchbox.88) on

Which leads us to this very enjoyable evergreen meme, illustrating the key demands on anyone wishing to copy the Doctor and his companions (or take the Mannequin Challenge themselves):

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• BBC’s Children in Need gave us a sneak peek from this year’s Christmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”:

• And there’s this new picture too:

• Speaking of pictures, this is a doozy:

• UNIT fans, set a calendar reminder for May:

Doctor Who Christmas literature on the way:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show discusses Daleks:

• And there are Dalek-table Big Finish audio adventures to explore:

• Do you think this is how Davros got started?

• Ood-les of info here:

• In every wardrobe, a TARDIS:

• …and every book too:

• Here’s a fan-made teaser trailer for the First Doctor adventure “The Celestial Toymaker”

• And another for “The Ark”

• The Doctor materializes on the cover of Radio Times:

• And from the same photoshoot:

• Just one of the many reasons why “The Power of the Daleks” would work less well as an audio play:

• This is a great arrangement of the Doctor Who theme for solo piano:

• Well you can’t deny he’s had first hand experience:

• And here’s the man himself:

• An alternative First Doctor movie:

• You can enjoy this cake anytime, anyspace:

• The Doctor’s parting advice for a former Class-mate:

• A festive warning:

• Valuable life advice:

• To finish this week, how about a clip of a man who has worked out how to play “Clara’s Theme” on a ukulele?


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By Fraser McAlpine