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A most Whovian Halloween (Photos: Twitter)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a cosmic gathering of various Whovian stuff and nonsense from the past week on the web. And as yesterday was Halloween, that means a fair amount of dressing up.

But before we get into that (and we will), how about we start with something nice and creepy? Here’s the latest addition to GeorgeCMusic’s short run of YouTube music clips, imagining what it would be like if the Doctor Who theme were arranged by some of the giants of electronica, such as Vangelis, or Jean Michelle Jarre. His latest asks the question, what if John Carpenter had had a go at the iconic Who theme for one of his early ’80s horror movies, such as Halloween or The Fog? Wonder no more:

And now, let’s take a look at some of the many tributes to Doctor Who from fans in the name of Halloween (or rather, Wholloween), starting with this very Tim Burton crossover:

Can’t argue with this:

Attack eyebrows vs. the Pumpkin:

Note: this may not be Halloween related:

There’s a crack in my squash:

And this one is bigger on the inside:


Keep clear if you see this fellow on a doorstep:

This fan edit is superbly creepy:

And after all, what’s more Halloweeny than Missy drawing attention to some fairly bad TARDIS parking:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

•This week mark’s the 50th anniversary of the First Doctor’s regeneration:

• As this Guardian piece expertly points out, this revolutionary move ensured a healthy future, not just for the Doctor, but for the show itself:

• Look who got back together over the weekend (there’ll be more of this later):

• More old friends reunited:

• The Doctor goes goth:

• This is wonderful, a trailer for the finale of Season 9, in the style of the trailer for the X-Men movie Logan:

• How beautiful is this Radio Times cover?

• Or this fan-made poster for a particularly sweet Seventh Doctor adventure:

• Speaking of covers…

• And here’s a lovely extra twist to the tale:

• To round off their monster month, here’s a collection of notable moments from the Cybermen:

• And a discussion of their unique appeal, in Doctor Who: The Fan Show:

• A Thunderbird meets a Time Lord:

• Here’s a chance to get into Doctor Who comics:

• A teaser for the First Doctor Dalek epic “The Chase”


• Kylie Minogue, Max Headroom and Jason Donovan – allons-y!

• A brief history of the Seventh Doctor’s title credits:

Class outing, to the TARDIS:

• Hands up who wants one of these for a bedside lamp?

• And to finish this week, who wants to see a fan-video of the entire Q&A session attended by David Tennant and Billie Piper at Tampa Bay MegaCon over the weekend?

Warning: it’s an hour long:


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By Fraser McAlpine