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Doctor Who fan art (Photos: Tumblr)

Welcome to the Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a cosmic gatheration of Whovian stuff and nonsense from an unspecified time period (usually a week, but sometimes we get excited) in fandom.

And this week, we begin with a nice roundup of some of the more remarkable fan art Doctor Who lovers have been quietly beavering away on, while they wait for this year’s Christmas special.

The centrepiece for this display is the wonderful imagination of Tumblr’s ChloeWall84, who has imagined a sort of yin-yang relationship between Missy and the Doctor…

…before concluding that no one could possibly love the Master as much as he/she does:

This is clearly time well-spent:

Does TARDIS rhyme with stardust?

The Twelfth Doctor gets punchy:

Of course, being a fan artist does mean crossing the fandom streams from time to time:

Sometimes literally…

Bill, in vivid color:

And while we’re on matters artsy and craftsy, how about these for Christmas? The Ood is particularly great:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• It’s a new Monster Month, across Doctor Who social media, which means an invasion of the Daleks:

• Seems fitting:

• A new sneak peek at “The Power of the Daleks,” coming very soon!

• This is great; a fan-made credit sequence for the forthcoming Christmas special “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”

• The story that gave the Twelfth Doctor his face, and the first face the Eleventh Doctor saw:

• The five Doctors:

• Fancy a cuppa?

• A nice clip for anyone who saw Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and thought, “Nice visuals, but what you need is an amazing theme tune”:

• What do you mean? Doctor Who IS clickbait:

• A dramatic recasting of the Season 9 trailer, with extra bits:

• A first look at the inside of the Doctor Who/Mr Men crossover:

• Eddie Red-maybe?

• Good luck with that:

• The Sixth Doctor and friend:

• Speaking of whom, listen to him battle these beautiful stained glass Daleks:

• And then take a trip into the audio adventures of the Doctor:

• …and Torchwood, of course:

• Top drawer cosplay at AVA Expo in Saint Petersburg, Russia:

Looks like there was a big #DoctorWho turnout at #avaexpo this year and everyone looks great. (RG from @noaxaon)

A photo posted by Doctor Who (@doctorwho_bbca) on

• No, not really:

• And to finish, how about a selection of clips that proves once and for all that it is really not all fun and games being the Doctor:


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By Fraser McAlpine