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Black Mirror is one of those series that you find yourself thinking about ages after the season has come to an end.

If you’re caught up on season one and two, then you know what we mean. Just now, thinking back, some of the scenes still send a chill, particularly from the episode “The National Anthem” starring Rory Kinnear as the British Prime Minister (it can’t be unseen).

In the upcoming season, which includes six new stories, set in six new realities, a new set of characters find themselves in bizzaro situations created for them by Charlie Brooker. The storylines explored include a woman (Bryce Dallas Howard) being distracted by her digital life (which includes a hologram lover); a teenager (Alex Lawther) traumatized after being filmed through the camera on his own computer; a man (Wyatt Russell) wanting to sign up for some sort of video game trial but has to agree to surgery first; a group of soldiers (Malachi Kirby) using technology to fight off feral mutants; a detective (Kelly Macdonald) investigating a string of deaths tied to social media; and a Cinderella-like (Mackenzie Davis) story set at a nightclub in the 1980s (we suspect there is some technological angle, it’s just not clear what it is yet).

The one-line snippets provide an outline of what to expect, but the official trailer has got the goods, revealing new footage. In one scene, Macdonald’s character gets a little heated up, throwing out a curse word, so with that said, you can check out the clip over at YouTube with a warning for strong language.

You may notice the HitFix blurb in the trailer, which reads, “Set in worlds only minutes from our own.” Those eight words strung together probably sum up why we hold onto these stories for so long.

Black Mirror hits Netflix on October 21. You can also look for Doctor Who‘s Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Grantchester‘s James NortonStar Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve, House of CardsDoug Stamper and Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn.

Does the trailer fulfill all your expectations? 

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By Brigid Brown