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Well, we can say one thing from the title of this film: The heroine isn’t shy to compliment her own looks.

Luther star Ruth Wilson takes on the role of Lily in the new Netflix feature film I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. Something that stands out to us straight away is that the title uses the word “that” to describe the young woman instead of “who.” Possibly this is a hint, that Lily is in fact really a thing?

The line may be referring to something else, but Lily does say it in the trailer, “The pretty thing you are looking at is me.” Again, this girl is confident.

In the trailer, we hear her narrating the clip, saying, “I am 28 years old. I will never be 29.” Sure, a lot of people have that feeling, they can’t see past their 20s. But in this case, she sounds pretty sure of it.

Lily is a nurse who (see, we use “who” here) goes to live with an elderly novelist (Paula Prentiss) as her aid. The aging author calls her nurse Polly, the character in her horror novel. Lily has a feeling that Polly may have been a real person and may still be in the house … but not necessarily alive:

Written and directed by Oz Perkins, I Am the Pretty Thing will premiere just in time for Halloween weekend on Friday, October 28.

Are you going to binge on scary films this weekend? 

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By Brigid Brown