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In the 2015 film A Royal Night Out we had a glimpse of Princess Elizabeth, prior to her becoming queen, wanting to live the life of a typical teenager … even if the moment was fleeting. While this film is not directly related to the Netflix series The Crown, it feels like a natural lead-up because Elizabeth Windsor’s life was to be anything but carefree going forward.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the spontaneous adventure:

The Crown begins years later with Elizabeth at the age of 25. Her father, the King of England, has just passed away and she is thrown into a life no one can necessarily be prepared for (even if she spent her entire youth preparing).

The new clip gives us a good sense of what to expect of the 10-part series and what went down in real-time when Elizabeth II took on the role of sovereign. We get a look at new footage and behind-the-scenes interviews with Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II), Matt Smith (Prince Philip), John Lithgow (Sir Winston Churchill), creator Peter Morgan and director Stephen Daldry:

Does this feel like the moment when you realize your parents were young(er) once? 

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By Brigid Brown