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Michelle Dockery‘s new show Good Behavior starts next month, and it’s fair to say her character Letty Debosh is about as far from Lady Mary as it’s possible to be:

Whoa. What would her grandmother the Dowager Countess have to say about that?

Sure enough, Michelle acknowledged her new role was somewhat of a departure in an interview with Vanity Fair yesterday (October 25).

“They are very different, and I think it may shock some people, and that’s alright,” she said. “I don’t mind shocking people. I hope people watch it for the show and not just to compare the two shows, because they’re very, very different. It’s a very messed-up love story in lots of ways, but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.”

The new show is certainly getting a lot of buzz in the run-up to its airdate, so it’s nice to see Michelle hasn’t forgotten her high-class roots.

Talking about the hugely popular Emmy-winning series that made her name, she explained: “I’m definitely reflecting on it much more now. When it finished initially, you can’t quite believe it’s over because it’s been so much a part of your life for so long.”

“It was just an incredible journey,” she continued. “We had no idea it would have the impact it had, and it’s interesting because six years together, you do become a family.”

Michelle went on to talk about her fans and the new show, before adding she still keeps in touch with her Downton cast mates, even though they no longer share a screen. And yes, even Edith:

Good Behavior premieres November 15 on TNT.

Will you be watching?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.