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Our go-to spy is James Bond, of course. We can also turn to Ethan Hunt from the Mission: Impossible series. And there’s assassin John Wick.

Now we have Kevin James as Sam Larson. Well, in his case it’s actually mistaken identity. Larson is a mystery thriller novelist, but when his book is published as non-fiction he’s believed to be a kill-for-hire assassin in the new Netflix series True Memoirs of an International Assassin.

Is an assassin a spy? Let’s just say it’s not a job one would advertise. With an assassin’s identity being cloaked, we can safely say he falls under that category even if he’s not officially working for MI6.

With James in the title role, it’s no surprise this is an action comedy. But it’s not all slapstick by any means, we get a high dose of action in the clip below:

James isn’t the first comedian to tackle a secret agent role, Melissa McCarthy knocked it out of the park as a CIA analyst who went undercover in the field as an agent in Spy.

We can totally see this working.

What do you think: Is there room for a new guy in the spy game? 

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By Brigid Brown