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It’s happened time and time again: some new actor really nails a part, and then we find out they’re British.

Don’t believe us? Well, there was Hugh Laurie in House. Idris Elba and Dominic West in The Wire. Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter). Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead). Damian Lewis (Homeland). Need we go on?

Netflix’s upcoming lavish series The Crown looks set to turn the tables, however. Over the course of six seasons, it’ll tell the story of the reign of the current Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy), from her marriage to Prince Philip (Matt Smith) and the sudden death of her father George VI (Jared Harris) right up to the present day.

So far, so quintessentially British, right? Well, a new trailer released yesterday (October 27) highlighted the role of one Winston Churchill in the early years of the queen’s reign. He was Prime Minister when she came to the throne in 1952, and, as such, had to get her to sign all new acts of parliament, despite her relative youth and lack of knowledge.

And who did they get to play this towering figure in British history? Up-and-coming star Timothy Snugglesnatch? Tom Toodlesnott? Or stalwart of the stage Jeremy Gimble? (Okay, so we may have made a few of those up.) (Sorry, Benedict. We love you really.)

Nope. Step forward John Lithgow, award-winning star of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dexter, and Shrek, of the good ol’ U. S. of A.:

Whoa. Has anyone checked he really was born in New York?

A specially created featurette also released yesterday (October 27) went a little more into the unusual casting, and what was involved in transforming Lithgow into the great leader:

The Crown comes to Netflix on November 4.

Do you think Lithgow pulls it off?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.