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The Girl on the Train hits theaters this Friday, October 7. And we are busting at the seams in anticipation.

I was so enthralled by the little bit we knew from the trailer that I ordered the book that week and read it in one sitting. It was that addictive.

Now Paula Hawkins‘ 2015 debut novel has been adapted to film. While we do know how it ends, it will be just as exciting to watch the multi-layered story play out on the big screen. It’s always interesting to see the characters come to life, even if it’s through someone else’s interpretation. It’s just one of those things: Let’s keep our fingers crossed we’re all on the same page.

Emily Blunt, who portrays the title role Rachel, sat down to dig deeper into the gritty story. Blunt is joined in the below clip by castmates Haley Bennett, who plays the woman who has gone missing; Justin Theroux, who plays Rachel’s ex-husband; Rebecca Ferguson, the brand new shiny wife; and director Tate Taylor.

The clip below includes new footage with snippet interviews elaborating on what’s before us. Blunt talks about playing Rachel, a not-so-recovered alcoholic, who believes she has witnessed a crime. Rachel isn’t sure what she saw but can’t let it go based on her obsessive nature.

We see a pattern with Rachel wanting to help, but people treating her like a burden:

If you’ve ever ridden a train to and from work, then you know how easy it is for your mind to drift.

Have you read The Girl on the Train? Does this look like what you were picturing? 

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By Brigid Brown