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It does have to be a little surreal to remember playing with a Star Wars action figure as a child and then to grow up to portray the character in a film.

And that’s exactly what’s happening for the young actor Donald Glover (Community, Atlanta). It was announced last week that Glover would be taking over the role of Lando Calrissian. The charming smuggler-turned-hero was made iconic by the one and only Billy Dee Williams in the original Star Wars films.

Glover swung by Ellen Degeneres’ chat show to talk about winning the coveted role. It turns out Lando was the first Star Wars toy he had, given to him by his father (it was meant to be):

We won’t look for Glover in the next Star Wars installment, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but there is a stand-alone Han Solo film in the works.

Sign. Us. Up.

We like the idea of breaking up the storylines and giving focus to individual characters. It’s just more Star Wars to go around.

Like, what was Princess Leia up to as a little girl? We’re thinking she was the one calling the shots on the playground.

Are you psyched for more Star Wars?

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By Brigid Brown